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Extreme Light wind Performance
Never get left on the beach, insane lightwind performance

All new for 2019 the Superking range is dedicated to TT performance in lighter winds. Maximising fun in minimum winds the Superking is unashamedly directed towards those previously frustrating days where your freestyle model just won’t come to life.

By using an adaptation of our Split Concave base, the Superking provides for exceptionally early planning, a smooth and comfortable ride with upwind performance that will both surprise and delight. By combining a naturally efficient rocker with bilateral flex tips the Superking provides carving, edging and POP normally associated with a higher wind range dedicated design.

Kiteboarding is fun and more kiteboarding is better than less kiteboarding – we don’t all have the luxury of perfect conditions but the Superking guarantees on-the-water action on days that would previously be lost.

Superking 160 – Comfort Fit
The Superking Comfort fit has only one mission – absolute lightwind supremacy. Increasing your time on the water with amazing power efficiency and unbelievable upwind ability the 160 is both playful and forgiving with a sublime handling and comfort in chop rarely found in a “door style” deck. Designed for the pure love of kiteboarding the Superking 160 Comfort Fit is set to become an instant classic.

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3- Step LW rocker
This low radius 3-step rocker gives amazing light wind glide yet the flexible tips allow for stronger wind control and carving

BITE 43 mm fins
Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight

Paulownia Full wood core
The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability

Split Concave Base
This innovative base shape enhances grip and softens the ride without loosing efficiency

Asymmetrical Fin Layout
Maximum grip, minimum drag – the Comfort Fit rips upwind with minimal power

2 year warranty
Peace of mind with our 2 year manufacturing defect warranty (conditions apply)

160 x 45

Sneaker SRS or Sneaker 6 accessories

Enjoy our snowboard ratchet technology for the ultimate, quick adjust fit or choose a time proven Velcro classic